So, this morning I made the announcement on the air that we were bringing in a new morning show called “The Bobby Bones Show” which was pretty stankin’ exciting to FINALLY get to share. See, the BBS is gonna do so much more for The Wolf, and especially the country music fans in the Ozarks, than I ever could. I mean, they’ve got 5+ very talented hosts in the studio everyday broadcasting live from Nashville where they are totally submerged in the country music scene. They’re funny, creative and more importantly, and great group of people to wake up to in the morning, every morning. They’re much better than the show I was giving to you, that’s for sure :) 

Now, that’s not to say that my show wasn’t good or fun or something. It was a blast! I will always remember these past 4 years as the best time on the air I have ever spent. I have loved the morning connections I have made all over the Ozarks, and together, we’ve made some awesome memories. 

And the beauty of it is, I’m not really going anywhere. Instead of us talking during the morning drive to work, we’ll just chat on the drive home. It’ll be the same type show, same type host, and still a hell of a lot of fun. I promise. 

Do me a favor, though, if you would: Give The Bobby Bones Show a chance. These guys were asked to be on The Wolf for a reason, and that’s because we think they’re the best and most entertaining choice for the Ozarks, and especially the people who love our station… myself included. I know you'll love them, but you gotta listen to them first, ya know?

In closing, thank you so much for being a part of my show these past few years. Afternoons are going to be great and I look forward to making more of the same great memories with ya as we move ahead with this change… with a little more sleep in between those memories, which will be VERY nice :)