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So first, the basics… I’m super tall (5’10”), color blind (which is rare for a girl), I’m extremely clumsy and uncoordinated, and I’m a recent Missouri State graduate that managed to cram 4 years of school into 5 ½.

I started in radio as an intern while I was still a student, originally not on air, but somehow managed to convince the right person to put me behind a mic. I have loved music my whole life and used to make my parents drive the long way home so I could listen to the radio for just a few more minutes. When I was little I was true to my Midwestern roots and loved country, especially Shania Twain! Then went through a “rebellious” phase in high school where I was anti-country but listened to pretty much everything else. I credit my boyfriend and Miranda Lambert for bringing my back to a love, bordering on obsession, of country music. He is a country super fan and one of our first dates was at a Miranda concert. Seeing how talented she was live, I was sold!

I can typically be found somewhere Downtown, but I also love binge-watching Netflix (particularly anything super nerdy), wakeboarding, dancing, and of course spending time with my family and friends!


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