For once, I DO NOT agree with Amy!! I know, I'm shocked too! Bobby brought up the fact that Amy's husband doesn't like her to wear yoga pants in public, which is understandable...especially after hearing Lunchbox talk about how he looooves to check out girls' butts in yoga pants. Her husband doesn't want a bunch of other guys to check her out.

BUT, when Bobby and the rest of the show were telling Amy she should be able to wear yoga pants if she wants to, she defended her husbands request by saying she thinks girls in yoga pants are more likely to be attacked over girls wearing jeans.

Amy!!! What are you thinking?!?! It does not matter what a girl is wearing!! If someone is going to attack a woman, they are going to do it because they are sick and messed up, not because of what she is wearing. Girls should not feel ashamed to dress the way they want, and it is never the girl's fault if anything like that happens to her! 

Maybe I feel passionately about this because I am a huge yoga pants lover....and I also watch a lot of Law and Order: SVU haha! But seriously, as a woman I frequently worry about my safety when running errands or going anywhere alone at night, so this is an issue that is constantly on my mind. I was just a little dissappointed to hear Amy say that.

You can listen to their convesation below, and let me know what you think!