Karma Confirmed: Woman ‘spots’ Keith Urban at Wawa

Hordes of fans flocked to Camden, NJ on Friday night to watch Keith Urban live in concert with Kelsea Ballerini. For many fans, the night was one that they had marked on their calendars months in advance. However, the real meet and greet was found at a local Wawa grocery store in the neighboring town of Medford, NJ.

Here is what happened.

Ruth Reed had kicked off her year with a very specific resolution. She was going to spend the next 365 days intentionally lending kindness and dollars to strangers at her local grocery store. When a man in front of her seemed to be a few dollars shy on his purchase, Reed was first on the scene with a solution. She eagerly approached the register and offered to cover the difference. The kindness of her gesture started a friendly conversation with the stranger and Reed couldn't resist to make a comment of his likeness to the country entertainer, “KEITH URBAN”. Urban smiled genuinely and confirmed that he was, in fact, Keith Urban. Reed was flabbergasted with disbelief asking Urban’s “friend” for validation. Urban’s “friend” was actually Urban’s body guard and double confirmed the identity.  “It was then I realized what an idiot I was,” Reed told local media outlets.

Wrapping up their transactions at the register, Reed and Urban stepped outside for a quick photo together. This is a perfect example of how it “pays” to be kind.

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