Carly Pearce Opens Up About Her Struggle With Self-Esteem Over The Years

Carly Pearce Opens Up About Her Struggle With Self-Esteem Over The Years

In a recent Instagram post, Carly Pearce dropped down her guard and opened up about her struggles with self-esteem over the last few years. The post shows two photos of her side by side. The one on the right was her a year and a half ago, while the one on the left was this past weekend.

The post was captioned, “One of y’all sent me this over the weekend and when I saw it, it put something on my heart I wanted to share. Photo on the right is from about a year and a half ago. I was going about 100 miles a minute, was tired all the time, was afraid of carbs & thought the only form of exercise was seeing how many miles I could run in a week. The photo on the left was this weekend. I’m STILL running 100 miles a minute, but I don’t struggle with fatigue anymore & have learned that weight training AND cardio make me STRONG & carbs DON’T make you fat— and you know what? I weight more now, those clothes on the right don’t fit anymore, but I FEEL better and am HAPPIER than ever.”

The “Closer To Me” singer went on to share her motive for being so vulnerable writing, “I’m posting this because I know so many of us struggle with our bodies and goodness, being on stage is a whole different level for me sometimes. Thank you @erinoprea fam for making me understand that STRONG is sexy, and thank you @michaelraymusic for always making me feel so beautiful. #realreel #strongisnotasize”

Her successful career has given Pearce a platform in which she has the opportunity to inspire other young ladies who might be struggling with similar insecurities. It’s not always easy to put yourself out there due to the rude, insensitive internet trolls of the world, yet Pearce still chooses to do so in hopes of helping other women like herself.


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