Luke Combs Reveals Why He Decided To Drop Out Of College

Luke Combs Reveals Why He Decided To Drop Out Of College

Before Luke Combs was the country music star he is today, he attended school at Appalachian State University. With just about one semester left studying for his Criminal Justice degree, Combs decided to drop out.

"That was a thing I honestly struggled with [for] a long time 'cause I did want to graduate," Combs told People. "I just don't know honestly if I could have, you know? Maybe I'm dumb for saying this but, I don't think I wasn't smart enough to graduate. I just don't think I was committed enough."

Combs was first inspired by Eric Church, who attended the same college, to start singing in public. After his passion for music sparked, his motivation to attend class was at an all time low.

"Well, I mean, I hated school," he admitted. "That helped; I was also probably failing out. We can pull the records on that probably."

He continues, “Nothing about me wanted to go to math or science, you know what I mean? I was just more concerned with drinking and playing rugby and singing."

When Combs realized he could turn one of his three favorite things into a career, he was all in. "I was like 'Man, this is all stuff that I want to do. Obviously you can't drink for a living, so that was off the list and then I quickly realized I couldn't play rugby for a living either and so there was really only one choice. That left one thing."

Combs' determination to make a living doing something he actually loved is what got him to where he's at today. Combs just received three ACM Awards nominations including Male Artist of the Year, Album of the Year (for What You See Is What You Get), and Entertainer of the Year.

The ACM Awards, hosted for the first time by Keith Urban, will take place on April 5 in Las Vegas. Fans can tune in to watch live on CBS at 8PM ET.

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