Security Guard Stabbed 27 Times After Asking Two Sisters To Put On Masks

A security guard at a Snipes in Chicago was stabbed 27 times by two sisters after he asked them to put on a mask and use hand sanitizer. 18-year-old Jayla Hill and her sister Jessica Hill, 21, refused and became belligerent when the guard asked them to leave.

Jayla reportedly told the 32-year-old security guard that she was calling somebody to come and "kick his ass." When the security guard tried to grab her phone, Jessica picked up a trashcan and started attacking the security guard with it. During the altercation, Jessica pulled out a "comb knife," which had a hidden blade and started stabbing the guard while Jayla held him in place by his hair.

The security guard, who was not identified, managed to escape and, despite his injuries, kept the two sisters in the store until the police arrived. The guard was taken to the hospital in critical condition but did not require surgery.

The two sisters were charged with first-degree attempted murder and are being held without bail.

"It's the complete randomness of this. It's terrifying," Judge Mary Marubio said during a court hearing.

The sisters' court-appointed lawyer argued that they were overcharged by prosecutors, claiming they both suffer from bipolar disorder and were acting in self-defense.

Photo: Chicago Police Department