Walker Hayes Is "Just a Dad Who Happens to Sing Songs"

I could talk about "Fancy Like" being a monster hit, but everybody knows that, whether you like it or not :) The better story is that Walker Hayes isn't letting any of the crazy success change him.

"Rolling Stone" asked about his long-term plans. He said, quote, "This opens future music up for me to tell you exactly who I am. I don't have to dress really nice. I don't have to act. I don't have to pretend I'm younger than I am.

"I'm just a dad who happens to sing songs. That's a really freeing space to create from. I'm just being myself. I'm the Applebee's guy."

What you see is what you get with Walker. A happily married, 41-year-old father of six who gets a kick out of posting clips of his family life on TikTok.

Quote, "I've noticed people noticing their lives in mine. Like, 'Hey, I drive the same Altima,' or 'Hey, I love how y'all live in a normal house.' My thought process is like, 'Where did you think we lived? I'm not Luke Bryan or anything.'"

If you haven't seen it yet. Walker and two of his kids have a song and dance for fans. It's called "U Girl." Like learning TikTok dances? Time to start practicing...

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