Someone Ran Off Morgan2’s New Driveway

Morgan2 just recently moved into her first home a few months ago! She's been adjusting to life as a new homeowner and takes pride in making her new home look good on the inside, but also the outside.

A few days ago she came home to a note in her mailbox that explained how a driver was trying to turn around in her driveway. However, since her driveway is so narrow if you turn too sharply to one side your car drops off into the storm drain below. This driver didn't realize that and had to get their car towed out of Morgan2's driveway.

Either the car or the tow truck left giant marks and holes on one side of Morgan2's driveway and now she's wondering what she should do about it! She's upset because her house is brand new and she wants everything to look good. The driver did leave their number and information on the note so Morgan2 is now debating whether to call them and ask to pay for the damages.

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