Some Controversy At The Office After Lunchbox Signed For One Of The Bosses

Lunchbox Signed For Boss

Lunchbox may be the funny guy in the office, but he's also the one that will have your back when you really need something. He was at the office after The Bobby Bones Show and was conversing with an employee in the building.

The employee was starting to get impatient because they really needed a signature on something from their boss, but the boss was out of town and not coming back for the day. Lunchbox decided that it wouldn't be a big deal if he signed for the person. He thought he was helping out a fellow co-worker by jumping in when they needed it most, even if it wasn't 100% honest. While his intentions were pure, Lunchbox could potentially be in some hot water over the situation.

As most know, forging signatures is a crime if caught. Lunchbox joked that he will just say it wasn't him.

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