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You May Have Already "Peaked" at Creativity and Strength Among Other Things

I think it's fairly common knowledge that it's best to learn a new language when you're young but apparently the peak age is 8. Most of us have probably passed that, but hopefully we still have a lot of peaks yet to come!

Here are some of the most noteable:

Creativity, Strength, and Having the Most Friends - 25

Running a Marathon - 28

Marrying and Not Divorcing, and Sex - 28 to 32

Losing Interest in Popular Music - 33

General Happiness - 38

Salary - 48

Being a Best Selling Author - 50

Fortunately for me, since I turn 27 this summer I still have a lot of peaks to come, but I am bummed about the ones I've already hit. Now I know to enjoy these other peaks as they happen! Check out the rest below! 

Haha, peaks...get it? ^^

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