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I Did Some Creepin' Last Night...

This is the band Midland:

From left to right are members Jess Carson the lead guitarist, Cameron Duddy the bass player, and lead singer Mark Wystrach.

You may or may not agree with me, but I think Mark is incredibly attractive. Yes, even with his 70s 'stache and haircut I think he is super handsome! So I creeped him online!

First I hit up his Instagram and found out that he's a Mama's boy. (Insert heart eyes emoji here.)

Then I googled him and found out he's also an actor, who was on the soap opera Passions which makes total sense since all soap operas have the requirement of being super good looking to be in the cast!!

He was also in 'Just My Luck' a Lindsay Lohan movie. I've never seen it so I'm not sure how big his role is but here is a link to his IMDB profile HERE.

His Google Image search is also worth checking out.

Plus here are several more pictures of him from Instagram...

And to my boyfriend if you're reading this/made it this far, I still love you the most, and think you're the most attractive. 😘

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