New 'Bridezilla' Trend: Forcing Your Bridesmaids to Change Their Appearance

Apparently it's more and more common for bridal parties to go to boot camps, diet, and even get cosmetic procedures!

I guess if everyone's on board it's okay, but I just think asking your bridesmaids to spend more money on procedures, meal plans, exercise classes, or even the time commitment that takes is not cool. Plus shouldn't you love the people you ask to be in your wedding with you for who they are and not try to change them for a picture? I mean, I already try to eat healthy and get in better shape, but if a 'friend' told me I HAD to, I'd be pretty ticked. 

P.S. Here is a random picture of some beautiful bridesmaids that used "#bridezilla" on Instagram. No evidence that they were forced to do anything but I thought it was a nice picture.