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Apparently Rich People Do These 7 Things Every Day

Tom Corley, who is a financial planner, spent 5 years studying the differences between rich and poor people. Here are some habits he found rich people doing every day but not poor people. The cool thing is the activities don't require being rich to do, but they may help you become rich? Click on the article for more!

The 7 Habits are:

1. Exercise

2. Build Relationships

3. Visualize Goals

4. Read. A Lot.

5. Repeat Positive Affirmations to Themselves

6. Volunteer

7. Maintain a Close Relationship With a Mentor

I would say I hit about four on the list: building relationships, reading, visualizing goals, and a close relationship with a mentor. I am definitely not rich so I guess I better get to work on the rest!!

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