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Taylor Swift Released New Song & Video, Of Course There's Controversy!

It's called 'Look What You Made Me Do' and it's her response to the drama with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, finally! She majorly references how haters called her a "snake" when all that was going down, but also shows how the experience has changed her as a person. 

Check out the video first.

Of course her fans watched it over and over to find every hidden detail because Taylor is great about putting Easter Eggs in all her music and videos that reference things her fans and the media say about her. 

Some of the finds that blew my mind were that one of the names on the headstones in the graveyard scene was Nils Sjoberg, which was the pseudonym she used to co-write 'This Is What You Came For' with Calvin Harris! Or the fact that all the old Taylors climbing up to the new Taylor are wearing old outfits from videos, events, her tours, and photoshoots. It's pretty obvious that a few are, but people spotted and figured out even more! 

Oh, and the single dollar bill in the bathtub of jewels referencing her recent court case where she won a symbolic $1 from the DJ that groped her!

Check out all the little reference in this article from Buzzfeed:

Although I think she did a great job of rebranding once again after the media showed her in a poor light, some people were not happy with her video. You see, the bathtub seen shown above is thought to be a reference to Taylor saying the media paints her as a boy crazy psycho who gets guys but can't keep them then goes home and cries in a tub filled with pearls. However, some people think it's a reference to Kim Kardashian being robbed and held at gunpoint in a bathtub in Paris while jewelry was stolen from her. Obviously, whichever woman's side you originally took in the drama will probably sway your opinion because I do not think Taylor would be that cold, but others think she went too far! 

What do you think? Was it a reference to Taylor's past or Kim's? Did you like the song and video or notice any other hidden gems? 

I'm liking Taylor's feisty response and new image so I can't wait to see what else she has in store!

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