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America's Favorite Reasons To Drink

Americans think the biggest reasons to celebrate with a drink are:

1. Your birthday – 83%

2. A friend’s engagement – 78%

3. Your wedding anniversary – 77%

4. Finishing a busy workweek – 65%

5. Getting a job promotion – 62%

Number 4 cracks me up because doesn't that typically happen EVERY Friday? Haha! What would you add to the list?

The study also found we would enjoy these events less if alcohol was prohibited: 

1. Bachelor/bachelorette party - 62%

2. Wedding reception - 53%

3. Night out with coworkers - 39%

4. Night out with friends - 38%

5. Office party - 35%

Family gatherings and date nights come in at number 6 and 7 on that list, but is there anything else you would add? Click the article below for even more stats on American drinking preferences!

Check out the full study and all its results HERE!

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