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What Women Really Want This Christmas

A survey asked what women want this year, broke down which states spend the most, plus tons of other Christmas stats!

According to the results, women really want time with their loved ones this year! Here's the breakdown:

35 percent -- quality time with loved ones

23 percent -- cash

20 percent -- beauty products

10 percent -- a vacation

6 percent -- to see long lost family members

2 percent -- perfume

1 percent -- clothing

1 percent -- hand-made gift

1 percent -- jewelry

1 percent -- gift card

Click the link below for even more!

Also, Texas, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, and Ohio spend the most on gifts in that order. Women spend $700 while men spend $400, and they spend more on their partners than other people on their lists, just to give you an idea of some more of the stats!

SkinStore actually conducted the survey, and sell things that could be given as gifts if you want to check them out!!

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