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The 8 Worst Things You Can Do at Starbucks According to a Barista

Leaving out drink specifications, using the wrong terminology, dumping coffee in the trash?! Have you done these things?

The thing that stuck out to me the most is people pouring their coffee in the trash to make room for milk or creamer!!! I've worked in restaurants and liquid streaming out of trash bags when your cleaning up at the end of the night is DISGUSTING!!! Plus they ask if you want room left for mix ins so STOP doing this!!

Here is the full list of things baristas want you to stop doing, then click the link below to ready why: 

1. Not Saying What Size

2. Ordering While On Your Phone

3. Dumping Coffee in the Trash

4. Asking for it Iced AFTER it's Been Made

5. Asking for a "Frappe" instead of a Frappuccino 

6. Asking "Is This Mine?" When It's Clearly Not

7. Being In a Hurry

8. Not Understanding How a Macchiato Works (This one is forgivable, but you can read exactly why this annoys the barista in the article below!)

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