What Do People Really Want in Their 'Man Caves'?

Joybird conducted a survey to find out how guys like to decorate their Man Caves, and what they want in them, and it's interesting to see how it differs generation to generation! 

  • Exercise equipment -- Generation Z (under age 20) 
  • Gaming system -- Millennials (ages 20 to 34)
  • Multiple TVs -- Generation X - (ages 35 to 55)
  • Fully stocked bar -- Baby Boomers (55 and older)

BTW, even though it's called a 'Man Cave' I consider it any basement or extra room in the house reserved for fun stuff, because my boyfriend and I both use our basement for that. In face we have exercise equipment that's mostly mine, a huge TV that's his, and we plan to build a fully stocked wet bar in the future. Which is weird because we fit into the millennial category, but don't have or want a gaming system. 

Some of the most popular decor themes were sporst, hunting and fishing, and bar themed. Click the link the tweet below to read more! 

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