Working From Home Could Save You Big Bucks

From using up less gas, to not buying coffee and lunch out, the dollars really start to add up!

Gas - according to research, the average amount of money those who work from home save on gas is about $444 a year.

Lunch and Coffee - Studies find that American workers spend about $3,000 a year on coffee and eating lunch out. The younger they are the more they spend. 

Business Clothes and Dry Cleaning - No need to spend a bunch on fancy clothes when no one sees you each day! 

Makeup - A study found that women wear about $8 of product on their faces each day, so if you don't wear make up while working from home you save that money! (Sidenote: I would totally still wear make up while working from home, but I don't even spend more than $8 on one tube of mascara so my daily amount probably isn't that much. Still, it's not waterproof so don't make me cry!)

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Check out the full study HERE!

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