Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Get Married on May 19th

There's been a lot of speculation on what Meghan's dress will look like it, who will attend the wedding, when it will happen...well this article breaks down a lot of what people, especially people who aren't British, might want to know about the big day! You can click the link in the tweet below, but here are some of the biggest tid bits I found interesting from the story, most of which are just facts about the Royal Family than the actual wedding: 

Harry is 6th in line for the throne. 

The wedding starts at noon London time on May 19th, so in the US you'll have to tune it at 7am Eastern time/6am Central. 

The Queen is the head of the Church of England. Because of that, all members of the Royal Family are expected to be members in the church, so Meghan was baptised into the Church of England in March. 

Meghan will not technically be a princess even though she's marrying a prince. It's kind of confusing so check out the full break down in the article.

There are a ton more details about what's expected at the wedding itself in the link below!

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