Turns Out Beach Vacations Are Bad For You

Experts at Purdue are saying laying on the beach is not as good for you as you might think, and it actually has nothing to do with too much sun exposure. (But still wear plenty of sun block if you are hitting the beach this summer!)

According to this study from Purdue University though, lying around doing nothing leads to boredom and anxiety. So instead of relaxing and recharging, you just end up thinking about work and all the things you need to do at home, so basically you're still stressed out about everything you normally stress about. They say instead you should plan a trip with lots of activities so your mind and body is as active as you would be in your every day life.

I don't know though, I think when I'm on the beach all I'm thinking about is the beverage in my hand and the tan I'm getting....and how long before I do need to slather on more sunscreen!

Click the link in the tweet below to read more! 

Here's a picture from the last time I was on a beach 3 years ago.....really hoping it's not another 3 years before I make it back!

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