Royal Wedding Highlights!

Meghan looked beautiful, but even more importantly, she and Harry looked soooo happy!!!! Of course I expected her dress to be modest, but this is even  more simple than I was imagining. I don't know a lot about fashion so I might not be using the right terms, but it looks like a boat neck/off the shoulder dress with longer sleeves, and pretty much no embellishments. No lace or anything. Very simple. Click throught the link in the tweet below to see more angles!

Harry looked super handsome too, and a lot of people are swooning over the super sweet thing he did when Meghan made it down the aisle. He not only told her "you look amazing" he bit his lip....which I will admit is kind of sexy, haha! Click this link to see gifs of that!

You can also see some of the famous people that attended the wedding, and some amazing hats by clicking this link: