This Studio Has You Work Out in the Cold to Burn More Calories!

Research has shown that your body burns more calories when you exercise in the cold, so Brrrn is taking advantage of that to offer really cold exercise classes and fitness studios! We're not just talking normal AC cold, we're talking cold that feels like your outside on a crisp fall day. The three different classes that Brrrn offers are: "First Degree," a yoga class taught at 60 degrees, "Second Degree," a circuit-training class taught at 55 degrees, and "Third Degree," a circuit-training class with battle ropes that's taught at 45 degrees.

Think about the other benefits to working out in the cold though...your body isn't overheating so you can work out harder for longer. Or, you might not break your normal sweat so it would be easier to go back to work, or get in these fitness classes in your busy schedule easier since you don't have to take the time to shower, blow dry hair, reapply makeup...all things that have definitely kept me from working out before! 

Apparently the classes are already booked for weeks even though Brrrn just opened, so maybe we'll see more of these cold studios pop up all over! Click the link in the tweet below to read more!