Teenagers Think About Food More Than Anything Else

Although your first guess may have been friends, social media...the opposite sex...NOPE! Teens think about food more than anything else! Would have thought I had less in common with them than I actually do, ha!

According to this study, kids ages 13 to 19 spend about 135 hours a year thinking about food. It says they go to Facebook for the biggest online source of food inspiration but also check out YouTube. They aren't just THINKING about food either, 20 percent of them say cooking is a way to release their creativity...I STILL don't cook now at 27 let alone when I was in my teens! They also have more sophisticated tastes and habits when it comes to eating. 72 percent of those surveyed said food is something to enjoy through great taste and flavors. Click the link in the tweet below to learn even more! 

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