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The Favorite Brands Among Moms!

YouGov puts out an annual list of the Top 10 brands with moms and Netflix came in at Number 1. Not surprising since who doesn't love Netflix and they have tons of kids' options! Second on the list is Band-Aid, followed by Amazong. Here is the entire Top 10:

1. Netflix

2. Band-Aid

3. Amazon.com

4. Nike

5. Dove (household/personal care)

6. Dawn

7. Hershey’s

8. Google

9. M&Ms

10. Dove (skin care/cosmetics)

Really not surprised by any of this considering I'm not even a mom but I think I have something from every brand on this list in my home. M&Ms may be the thing I'm least likely to purchase but they are by boyfriend's favorite candy so I still support them, haha! 

Check out even more info HERE!

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