Therapy Dogs Help Reduce Stress at Work

The benefits of therapy dogs seem to be more widely accepted every day, so they are becoming more and more common! In fact, some companies are even bringing in therapy dogs to help their stressed out employees. Pet Partners is a nonprofit that brings dogs into the workplace and the president and CEO, Annie Peters, says "Many employees claim this is their favorite benefit offered by employers" and even goes on to describe how they say they feel more relaxed and productive. Would you enjoy having dogs at your work place? Do you think they need to be therapy dogs, or would it be okay for employees to bring their pets to work? 

I would absolutely LOVE to be able to bring my dogs to work! Perhaps it would be better once they're no longer puppies, and are 100% potty trained...

I could also see where they would lower my productivity, because honestly, LOOK AT THESE FACES!!!!!