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These Are America's Top Guilty Pleasures

Vudu.com conducted a survey that found 84% of Americans have at least one guilty pleasure they admit to indulging in from time to time, and the average person will indulge in theirs five times a week!!!

The Top 10 Guilty Pleasure are:

1. Ordering take out

2. Falling asleep watching TV

3. Sneaking an extra scoop of ice cream

4. Putting off a task

5. Buying yourself a treat

6. Singing out loud in the car

7. Staying in your pajamas all day

8. McDonald’s

9. Binging a whole TV show in one day

10. Still listening to the music you listened to as a kid as an adult

How is number 6 guilty?? Would you consider any of these to be your guilty pleasures? 

Other guilty pleasure from the survey that are worth mentioning include...

Eating an entire bag of chips in one sitting

Not showering

Eating food in bed

Drinking juice or milk right from the carton

Calling in sick when you’re not sick

Click the link in the tweet below to see more! 

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