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The Drunkest Cities in America

If you live in Wisconsin there's a good chance your city makes the list! Is it bad that I was disappointed that my city is not on it? Ha!

Here are Top 10 drunkest cities according a survey. Most are in the mid-west, especially in Wisconsin! 

10. La Crosse, Wisconsin

9. Wausau, Wisconsin

8. Grand Forks, North Dakota

7. Missoula, Montana

6. Oshkosh, Wisconsin

5. Fargo, North Dakota

4. Madison, Wisconsin

3. Appleton, Wisconsin

2. Eau Claire, Wisconsin

1. Green Bay, Wisconsin

Outside of the Top 10, Wisconsin also had cities at number 12, number 15 and number 20.

Fairbanks, Alaska, and Watertown, New York, were the only non-Midwest cities to make the Top 20.

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