New Movie Trailers Released at Comic Con

Looking forward to several new superhero movies, a new Godzilla, and another Fantastic Beasts movie!

The Aquaman movie looks amazing, and I was super pumped to see Nicole Kidman playing the queen of Atlantis, plus there are tons of other famous faces you'll recognize.

Shazam! could also be considered a superhero movie, but unlike any that I've ever seen! The titular character is actually a teenage boy who transforms into a grown hero when he says the name "Shazam". Check it out:

Avengers: Infinity War was a huge crossover....but have you ever seen one movie be a sequel for two previously unrelated films?! The M. Night Shyamalan movies Unbreakable and Split get a joint sequel in Glass: 

Millie Bobbie Brown from Stranger Things will be starring in a new Godzilla movie: 

We'll also get to see young Dumbledore in this follow up to Fantastic Beasts:

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