361 Golden Retrievers In One Place?!

The Golden Retriever breed was developed in the Scottish Highlands in 1868, so to celebrate the super popular breed's birthday a bunch of Golden owners brought all their doggies together!! 

The picture are amazing and I wish I could have brought my own little golden pup to join in on the fun...sadly getting from Missouri to Scotland didn't seem to practical just to frolic with some doggos. 

It also wouldn't have been fair to leave our little Chocolate Lab at home, so it's okay that we weren't invited, haha! 

Also, here's my brother's Golden Retriever because we are obviously obsessed as a family, and he was mad at me for bringing puppies around but he's adorable when he's grumpy so it's okay. 

P.S. Also CRACKED UP at this story about a Golden named Dierks (yes, after Dierks Bentley) who accidentally made a huge mess and got stuck in his owner's nightstand!! 

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