Animal Crackers Package Gets Redesign

Let's start with a side note: did you know it was "Animals Crackers" and not "Animal Crackers"?? That blew my mind. Maybe that's another Mandela Effect which you should look up if you don't know what that is...


After getting pressure from PETA, Nabisco's Animals Crackers no longer depicts the animals in cages on their packaging. Since their original release in 1902 the boxes have only been redesigned for limited time special editions. Like in 1995 when they offered an endangered species collection that raised money for the World Wildlife Fun, or in 1997 when they offered a zoo collection that raised money for the American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Or maybe you remember in 2010 when they worked with designer Lilly Pulitzer on a pastel-colored box that raised money for tiger conservation. You can see that Animals Crackers already cared about animal welfare so for them to not want to anger PETA makes sense. Check out the new boxes and click the link in the tweet below to learn even more!