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The E-Mail Phrases People Hate The Most

Adobe surveyed a bunch of employees to find that 25 percent of respondents said the phrase that gets under their skin the most is "Not sure if you saw my last e-mail...". Actually, most of the phrases seem like the come from times where you've had to be e-mailed several times, so it feels like the sender is pestering you. But, let's be honest...when that happens isn't it your fault for not responding sooner? Ha, still hate getting these. Here are the rest of the most hated work e-mail phrases: 

“Not sure if you saw my last email … ” -- 25%

“Per my last email … ” -- 13%

“Per our conversation … ” -- 11%

“Any updates on this?” -- 11%

“Sorry for the double e-mail” -- 10%

“Please advise.” -- 9%

“As previously stated … ” -- 9%

“As discussed … ” -- 6%

“Re-attaching for convenience.” -- 6%

Anything you'd add to this list? 

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