Here Is The Average Cost of a Date in Each State did the research to see what dates cost in different parts of the country. Not surprising they're the most expensive in states with the biggest cities....but also expensive in Hawaii and a lot of coastal states. 

They consider the typical date dinner with a bottle of wine, and two tickets to a movie. The overall average in the U.S. is $102.34 while the average in just New York is $297.27!! New Jersey's is $259.95, and California is $226.35. 

On the lower end of the spectrum, South Dakota had the lowest average cost at just $38.27, with North Dakota coming in slightly higher than that at $42.43. My home state of Missouri isn't too unreasonable at $71.08, but go just one state over and Illinois jumps up to $157.96. I'm sure Chicago makes that average go up as most surrounding states stay under $100. 

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