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The Most Fun Cities in the U.S.

WalletHub looked at factors like nightlife, restaurants, movie theaters and festivals to rank the U.S. cities that are the most fun. Here are the Top 10:

1. Las Vegas (are you even surprised?)

2. Orlando

3. New York City

4. Atlanta

5. Miami

6. Chicago

7. Portland, Oregon

8. San Francisco 

9. New Orleans

10. San Diego 

Check out the map below to see where other cities landed on the list!

Are you surprised by any on the list? I would have never though Atlanta or Portland just because they don't seem very touristy to me...although I have been to Atlanta and had a lot of fun there!

How many on this list have you been to? I can actually scratch off 5: Vegas, Orlando, New York, Atlanta, and San Francisco! It's hard to say which one was the most fun though because I went to Orlando as a really little kid so I barely remember it, San Francisco I was ten so that's a different idea of fun then when I went to Atlanta and New York in High School, and Vegas as an adult...I'll have to do some more travelling and report back to you!

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