Would You Lay in A Coffin for 30 Hours to Win Money?

Six Flags St. Louis is celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Fright Fest by having six people stay in coffins for 30 hours!! At the end of the 30 hours, one of them will win $300! It's probably not as bad as it sounds because you get a six minute bathroom break every hour, you get to bring a friend to keep you company, and you also get a pillow, blanket, and your phone. Plus, Six Flags will provide drinks, meals, and snacks, but I'm sorry....30 hours, in a coffin, for THE CHANCE at $300??? No thank you! I'm not saying $300 isn't a lot of money, because it definitely is, but that's $10 an hour. Depending on what you typically make, you could be better off working 30 hours at your normal job where you don't have to be bored, potentially, uncomfortable, and worst of all... faced with your own mortality. I don't consider myself a superstitious person, but I don't want to be in a coffin until I actually need to be.