Bud Light Almost Didn't Use The Dilly Dilly Commercials!

I love the "Dilly Dilly!" Bud Light commercials! I've thought they were hilarious since I first saw one during the Superbowl this year, so I was shocked to hear they almost didn't use this advertising campaign. According to the Chief Marketing Officer they developed the idea to play off the final season of Game of Thrones coming up, but of course they wanted to make it funny. They showed it to test audiences who apparently didn't like or get it. However, they decided to go ahead and share "Dilly Dilly!" with the world and it was obviously a hit! The CMO went on to say he knew it was a hit when he went to Amazon and saw that other companies were selling "Dilly Dilly" shirts! He was also really cool about the unauthorized gear, saying they wouldn't sue. Check out the video below to see everything he had to say and scroll down to see one of the actual commercials!