Dierks Bentley Surprised His Tour Openers With Sea Doos!

Dierks Bentley brought Brothers Osborne and LANCO on his bus before the second to last show to discuss everyone doing the closing song together. He wanted to mess with them though so he suggested something terrible. Changing the lyrics of 'Sweet Home Alabama' to make it 'Sweet Home San Diego' where they were performing. He admitted it was terrible before sharing it with the guys and I love that Jon from BROS totally called him out on it! When everyone stepped off Dierks' bus they came out to the sight of enough Sea Doos (personal water crafts, like Jet Skis but a different brand name) for all the band members!!! There is a three part video in the Instagram below so click or swipe over to see! 

Brothers Osborne got the chance to prank Dierks too! They came out in costumes during his set!