Survey Shows People Would Go to Extreme Lengths to Avoid Hangovers

Okay, I'm sure they positioned the survey as "other than giving up alcohol what would you be willing to do to avoid hangovers" or something along those lines, so it's funny to see the hypothetical things people would do to not feel like crap the day after drinking. 

32% of respondents to the survey said they would give up watching sports, while 22% would give up social media. Other things they'd be willing to give up include caffeine (20%), Netflix (11%), their car (3%), and sex (2%). They also said they'd be willing to do all the household laundry forever at 17% and 10% would wear the same shirt every day for a year to avoid hangovers. I'm telling you, the doing all the laundry to not be hungover sounds like a deal, but my boyfriend and I have the deal that he'll always cook as long as I do the dishes...I hate cooking, but washing dishes over and over again gets real old real quick too. 

There was one semi-realistic exchange they'd be willing to make to avoid hangovers. 36% said they would be willing to pay more for hangover free alcohol, at an average of $49 a month. I don't know if hangover free alcohol exists because I never have tried paying more for it, but if you can confirm and get back to me I may be willing to pay more. 

Check out the full story from HERE! 


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