See Where U.S. Ranks Among Countries that Consume the Most Alcohol

So technically the U.S. is second to China in consuming the most alcohol, but that's only because they are the countries with the highest overall populations. If you break it down per person we're way behind.

We're number 21 in beer consumption per capita while people in the Czech Republic are number 1 because they're consuming 404 bottles of beer a year per person on average. In the U.S.  we're only downing about 211 per year per person. 

South Koreans have us beat in hard liquor because they're drinking about an average of 43 bottles per year and we're only hitting 11, so we're ranked number 24 on that list. 

Click the link in the tweet below to see even more of the numbers crunched by Hangover Heaven, including color coded maps! 

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