This is The Maximum Amount of Caffeine You Should Have in a Day

If you're a healthy adult you can safely consume about 400mg of caffeine a day.

So how many mg of caffeine is in the coffee, energy drinks, and sodas you normally consume? Well, there's about 260mg in a small Starbucks coffee so you can safely have about a cup and a half.

Surprisingly each 5 Hour Energy bottle has less caffeine than Starbucks coffee at 215mg! So you can have two of those...if you're okay with being energetic for 10 hours. 

McDonald's coffee has less caffeine than Starbucks by about 50% so you can have four 12oz servings of coffee from Mickey D's. 

Red Bull actually has a lot less caffeine than you would think at 80mg so you could actually have FIVE a day!! This is so relieving to me since I have a serious love affair with Red Bull! 

It would take 6 12oz cups of brewed black tea to reach your limit, and about TWELVE cans of Coca-Cola, which I wouldn't recommend because of the calories and sugar, and if you prefer lattes over black coffee you can have five and a half.  

Watch the video in the tweet below to learn even more, and happy caffeinating! 

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