You Shouldn't Keep Vodka In the Freezer

Francois Thibault, the creator of Grey Goose Vodka, talked to Business Insider and shared some little known tidbits about the most versatile liquor in the world. Okay, I added the most versatile part, but seriously, how many things can you mix with vodka that would be terrible with whiskeys, rums, and gins?

Thibault says if you're consuming premium vodkas, like Goose, then you should definitely not store it in the freezer because you may be hiding the "more sophisticated aromas and flavours" due to the low temperatures. Premium vodkas are supposed to be naturally soft and not aggressive. On the other hand if you're drinking cheap and low-quality vodka, storing it at a low temperature may hide the more aggressive burning notes, so your Papov , Aristocrat, and Burnett's should go in the freezer. Not throwing shade at those brands, I was just listing the ones I remember drinking in college and I still have some Burnett's on my shelf at home, haha!