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These Are The Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes

I've been trying to convince my boyfriend that we need to get costumes for our two puppies for their first Halloween because how adorable would that be?? Plus, they're pretty okay with wearing clothes...just check out the picture below where we made them wear shirts for no reason, they're totally fine with it! Maybe they'll just go as humans. But if you're dressing your pet up, will it be one of the most popular pet costumes? According to a survey by the National Federation these are the most popular pet costumes:

1. Pumpkin 11.2%

2. Hot dog 7.4%

3. Bumble bee 4.9%

4. Devil 3.2%

5. Cat 3.1%

6. Dog 3.1%

7. Lion 2.9%

8.  Star Wars character 2.8%

9. Super hero 2.7%

10. Ghost 2.5%

The story also lists the most popular kids costumes with princes at number 1 and superhero at number 2, and the top 3 most popular adult costumes are witch, vampire, and zombie. Click the link in the tweet below to read even more stats on how much Americans are spending on Halloween costumes and more! 

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