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Here Are The Best Sports For Getting a College Scholarship!

The sports that give you the best odds of getting a scholarship are different for men and women...and are still dependent on you being good at said sports. 

Here's the top 10 list for guys:

1. Gymnastics 

2. Fencing 

3. Ice Hockey 

4. Football 

5. Golf 

6. Alpine Skiing 

7. Rifle 

8. Basketball 

9. Baseball 

10. Soccer 

This is the Top 10 for women:

1. Rowing

2. Equestrian

3. Rugby

4. Fencing

5. Ice Hockey

6. Golf

7. Gymnastics

8. Skiing

9. Raffle

10. Soccer

Click the link in the tweet below to see the odds of getting a scholarship in each sport and to see the break down of the odds in other sports! 

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