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The Most Popular Thanksgiving Food In Your State

It's funny that some state's favorite Thanksgiving foods I've never heard of, don't consider Thanksgiving food, or would never consider my favorite, haha! It's also funny that not a single state has turkey listed as their favorite food! At least my home state of Missouri has the overall favorite food of rolls and my favorite food of all time is bread, so I'm in agreement there! Check out all the favorites and see if you agree or disagree? 

Alabama - squash casserole

Alaska - green beans

Arizona - pumpkin roll

Arkansas - sweet potato pie

California - stuffing

Colorado - pecan pie

Connecticut - sausage stuffing

Delaware - butternut squash

Florida - corn souffle

Georgia - squash casserole

Hawaii - sweet potatoes

Idaho - sourdough bread

Illinois - sweet potato casserole 

Indiana - roasted sweet potatoes 

Iowa - corn casserole 

Kansas - yams

Kentucky - broccoli casserole

Louisiana - yams

Maine - mashed squash 

Maryland - collard greens

Massachusetts - butternut squash

Michigan - roasted Brussels sprouts

Minnesota - sweet potatoes 

Mississippi - cornbread dressing

Missouri - rolls

Montana - cranberry sauce

Nebraska - sweet potatoes

Nevada - pecan pie

New Hampshire - stuffing

New Jersey - butternut quash soup

New Mexico - pecan pie

New York - acorn squash 

North Carolina - corn pudding

North Dakota - sweet potatoes 

Ohio - seven-layer salad

Oklahoma - cornbread dressing

Oregon - ambrosia salad

Pennsylvania - candied sweet potatoes

Rhode Island - stuffing

South Carolina - cornbread dressing

South Dakota - ambrosia salad

Tennessee - macaroni and cheese

Texas - broccoli rice casserole 

Utah - yams

Vermont - butternut squash

Virginia - corn pudding

Washington - green beans

West Virginia - broccoli salad

Wisconsin - garlic mashed potatoes 

Wyoming - sweet potatoes

So what do you think? Do you like all of these foods or are there states you will be avoiding? Click the link in the tweet below for more! 

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