Ariana Grande's New Video Parodies Your Favorite 2000s Movies

She recreates scenes from Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Bring It On, and 13 Going On 30, plus recruited some of the original actors, plus other celebrities!! Jennifer Coolidge who played Paula in Legally Blonde shows up, the original Aaron Samuels from Mean Girls is there too! There's even a couple of YouTubers like Colleen Ballinger, Troye Sivan has a cameo, and KRIS JENNER plays the "cool mom" of Regina George! I will give you the heads up that the song contains the F bomb several times so don't watch with the volume up at work or around kids. After watching scroll down to see some of the reactions from other actors who were in the original film! 

This was Jennifer Garner's response to Ariana recreating her role in "13 Going On 30":

Reese Witherspoon approved of Ari's bend and snap and shared side by side photos of how spot on the music video was!

Gabrielle Union also gave her stamp of approval! 

Lindsay Lohan also shared a video from the original Mean Girls and gave her approval too!!

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