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Most Americans Hate Winter

A new survey asked people if they experience the "winter blues" and about 57% of Americans say they do. In fact, they experience them multiple times during the season. On top of the winter blues, 39% of Americans say they feel bored during winter, while 24% feel miserable, and the average American will also complain about winter to themselves or others five times a day. Here are the biggest complaints about winter according to the survey, but I, personally, would elaborate on number 7 and 10 that it just feels dark and dreary all the time. I need more sunshine in my life!! 

Here are the Top 10 complaints about the winter months:

1. Cold hands and feet

2. Runny noses

3. Dry skin

4. Having to dress in layers

5. Difficulty waking up

6. Muddy/dirty snow

7. Shorter days

8. People sneezing and coughing on them

9. Having to stay inside

10. Dark mornings

Click the link in the tweet below to read more results form the survey! 

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