Dierks Bentley Sharing Outtakes from His "Burning Man On Ice" Video!

Yesterday, Dierks Bentley shared an amazing video promoting his Burning Man Tour...ON ICE! It features Dierks giving us his best figure skating moves along with his tour openers Tenille Townes and Jon Pardi! Dierks fully committed with a sparkly leotard and everything! I wasn't sure how much of it was really him skating, though, since you can clearly tell when there are body doubles, or even strategic angles where he's not really moving or not even on ice, but today Dierks is giving us evidence that they did really lace up their skates! Check out this behind the scenes video of him falling HARD! He even points out how Jon comes over to help him although he's struggling to stay up too! 

Here's the original video, and regardless of whether they can skate or not, they've got me really pumped for this tour!