New Song from Maren Morris "Common"

Full disclosure: I'm obsessed with Maren Morris. I pretty much think she can do no wrong, so you can definitely keep that in mind when listening to this song after I tell you my opinion, but I LOVE IT!! A friend texted me a screen shot that they were listening to it and said that it's not one they'd listen to on repeat, meaning they thought it was fine but nothing special. So I went in with low expectations, but as soon as it started with the humming I got goosebumps! Then Maren comes in singing about trying to make it through when you feel a crushing weight and her voice gives me chills, plus it sounds amazing when Brandi Carlile joins her on some backing vocals, then it crescendos and I was SOLD! Brandi takes the second verse, and although I've heard some of her songs, I'm not the most knowledgeable about her music but I think she is a great fit to sing this with Maren and it makes me pumped for badass females and their music, ha! Okay, I'll stop with the cheesiness and just let you listen to the song for yourself! Hope you love it too!