Comparing All The Versions of "A Star Is Born"

The newest one with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is the only one I've seen, and as much as I would love to go back and watch the others, who has the time?! Okay, whoever made this video did and it's super interesting! Heads up! Massive SPOILERS! Now like I've said, I've only seen the 2018 version, so if you're the same I guess this is still a spoiler for the previous versions, but they follow almost exactly the same plot relationship-wise! See, I didn't realize the other ones were as sad as the newest!!! I'm really trying not to give away the ending without you watching this video so all I will say was the end really stuck with me in a heavy heavy way, so I was hoping the previous versions were a little lighter, but nope! Oh, I was also surprised that the first one wasn't a musical! But okay, if you're down with spoilers go ahead and watch the video below!